Eleventh Workshop Solar Influences on the Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Atmosphere
Organized by Space Research and Technology Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia

Preface to 2020 Proceedings (September 2020)

The Twelfth Workshop "Solar Influences on the Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Atmosphere" was scheduled to be held from June 3 to 7, 2020 in Primorsko, Bulgaria. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Local Organizing Committee decided to postpone the workshop until September. Unfortunately, in September the situation was not better, and it was not possible to hold a face-to-face meeting. Therefore, the workshop was held online. 24 papers with a total of 76 authors from 11 countries are included in these Proceedings.

The Scientific Organizing Committee and the Editors of the Proceedings thank all the participants in the Workshop and contributors to the Proceedings.

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DOI: 10.31401/WS.2020.proc

"Book of Proceedings 2020"     (12 046KB, 163 pages, PDF)

Book of Proceedings 2020


Sun and Solar Activity

Rozelot J.P., Kosovichev A.G., Kilcik A., Sahin S., Xu Y., Javaraiah J., Georgieva K., Özgüҫ A.
Solar Multipolar Moments: an up-to-date Pedagogical Approach. Implications for Stellar Properties. Part I: an Analytical Overview (TUTORIAL)


Katsova M.M., Obridko V.N., Sokoloff D.D., Livshits I.M. On Superflares on the Sun and Stars


Koleva K., Chandra R., Joshi R., Devi P., Duchlev P., Dechev M. Morphological and Kinematical Study of Causally- Linked Filament Eruptions


Tsvetkov Ts., Petrov N. New 30-cm Solar Telescope at National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen


Tsvetkov Ts., Petrov N., Miteva R., Ivanov E., Popov V. Bulgarian Expedition for the Total Solar Eclipse on 2020 December 14


Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Interactions

Bojilova R., Mukhtarov P. Functional Dependence of the Critical Frequency of the Ionospheric F2-layer on Geomagnetic Activity


Bojilova R., Mukhtarov P. Relationship Between Short-Term Variations in Solar Activity and Critical Frequency of the Ionospheric F2 Layer


Despirak I.V., Lubchich A.A., Kleimenova N.G. Certain Space Weather Conditions for a Supersubstorm Appearance


Gromova L.I., Kleimenova N.G., Gromov S.V., Malysheva L.M. Local and Global Longitudinal Geomagnetic SC Effects at High-Latitudes: Case Study of the Interval of March 07-15, 2012


Guineva V., Werner R. Substorm Activity During the Geomagnetic Storm on 25 August 2018


Kleimenova N.G., Gromova L.I., Gromov S.V., Malysheva L.M. Strong High-Latitude Geomagnetic Response to the Initial Phase of the Magnetic Storm on 5 April 2010


Lytvynenko O.A., Panishko S.K. Variations of the Ionosphere Scintillation Parameters on the Observations of the Cosmic Radio Sources at the Decameter Wave Range During Two Cycles of the Solar Activity


Data Processing and Modeling

Borisenko A.V., Podgorny I.M., Podgorny A.I.Using of Parallel Computing on Gpus for MHD Modeling of Solar Flare Behavior in Real Time Scale


Shepherd, M.G., Shepherd, G.G., Barreto, C.S., Cho, Y.M., Chen, Y.Thermospheric Wind Variability at High Latitudes - The Wind Wall


Podgorny A.I., Podgorny I.M., Borisenko A.V.†Study of the Solar Flare Mechanism by MHD Simulation in the Corona Above the Active Region in Real Time Scale


Instrumentation for Space Weather Monitoring

Dachev T., Semkova J., Tomov B., Matviichuk Y., Dimitrov P., Koleva1 R., Jordanova M., Bankov N.,
Litvak M., Mitrofanov I., Golovin D., Kozyrev A., Malakhov A., Mokrousov M., Sanin A., Tretyakov V., Fedosov F., Ploc O., Shurshakov V., Benghin V.
A Comparison of the Neutron Dose Measurements Completed by the Bulgarian and Russian Instruments Outside the Zvezda Module of the ISS


Dachev T., Tomov B., Matviichuk Y., Dimitrov P., Semkova J., Jordanova M., Bankov N., Ploc O., Litvak M., Tretyakov V., Shurshakov V., Benghin V. Registration of Neutrons with a Single Detector Liulin Type Spectrometer†


KalinichenkÓ M.M., Kuhai N.V., Konovalenko O.O., Bubnov I.M., Erin S.M., Romanchuk O.I.Giant Ukrainian Radio Telescope as an Instrument for Interplanetary Scintillation Observations


Solar Influences on the Lower Atmosphere and Climate

Chapanov Ya.† Decadal NAO Oscillations Excited by TSI Cycles


Chapanov Ya., Ron C, Vondrák J. Solar Influence on Seismic Energy


Komitov B., Kaftan V. The Volcanic and Solar Activity Relationship During the Last ~ 460 Years. Could a Significant Part of the "Sun-Climate" Relationship Goes Through Lithosphere?


Komitov B., Kaftan V. The Beech Tree Ring Widths, Solar-Climatic Relationships and Solar Dynamo Regime Changes


Tonev P.T. Observations Supporting Hypothesis for Global Electrical Circuit as Mediator between Solar Events and Weather


Veretenenko S.V. Effects of Solar Proton Events of January 2005 on Intensity of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex in the Northern Hemisphere


Belakhovsky V.B., Pilipenko V.ņ., Sakharov Ya.A., Selivanov V.N. The GIC growth in electric power lines during magnetic storm on 7÷8 September 2017